A different kind of AI chatbot, Cyd started started life as a voice activated experimental research app originally created for our interactive installation projects and games. First installation was at a NYE event where CYD listened to random conversations and responded, often in amusing non-sequiters. 


The moon slider goes from new to full and determines how creative the responses will be. They'll be fairly conventional at lower settings.  At higher settings, responses will get increasingly weird, poetic, maybe in a different language, often interesting. CYD will sometimes make stuff up especially at the full moon setting. Note: Cyd will often find something even if you don't enter a prompt or use an assistant. 

Hint: You may click on responses and get another menu to copy, share, read, delete, like and dislike.


HELP: Links you to this page.

PROFILE: Choose a voice for text-to-speech, and see how many tokens you have used. Currently we are not charging for tokens.

CHAT: Opens a screen where you may search all of your responses, your liked and disliked, from latest to first or first to last. Tap and you'll get a menu for useful things.

SPEAKER: Turns on or off the text-to-speech voice for responses. 

STAR: Resets the conversation thread that's going on.

CYD ROBOT: Opens an assistant window to choose "agents" that aid in getting responses. Currently these are preliminary and will be added to and revised continually. 

Microphone: Turns on the microphone. Speak a prompt or question with your voice. It will turn off mic input on each prompt.